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Two fatty acids – omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) and omega-3 alpha-linolenic
acid (ALA) are considered doubly essential in that they are:

  • essential in the sense we cannot do without them if we want to
    achieve good health
  • essential (the adjective as used in medicine, nutrition and biology
    to indicate that a substance cannot be made by the human body
    so has to be obtained from foods

Most fatty acids prescribed by doctors or bought over the counter are
damaged, diminished, polluted products that may help you to some extent,
but you really need to get ‘back to source’ – organically-grown plants and seeds
– and cold-press and blend your own LA/ALA fatty acid mix. In this way you will
be providing your body with the full healing potential of these fatty acids because:

  • they will also be pristine, i.e. ‘in their original state’, ‘undamaged’, ‘untainted’,
    ‘undiminished’ (
    organically-grown to both maximise nutrient levels and minimise
    toxic chemical pesticide and fertiliser residues)
  • they will also be doubly raw (uncooked, and not having been exposed to
    temperatures exceeding 49 degrees Centigrade/120 degrees Fahrenheit during
    processing, in order to minimise damage to nutrient levels)

– truly triply essential.

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