The two triply essential fatty acids – The Peskin Hypothesis

The two triply essential fatty acids – The Peskin Hypothesis

Brian Peskin is the master nutritional analyst with a degree in electrical engineering who is convinced by:

  • Otto Warburg’s hypotheses on cell oxygenation and cancer and the central role of the cell membrane
  • others’ hypotheses on the role of pristine, vibrant, (what we call ‘triply essential’) linoleic acid (LA) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in every cell membrane

Applying his findings to the average American diet, Brian developed his own hypothesis concerning:

  • the desired strength of a daily ‘triply essential’ LA/ALA dietary supplement (2,900mg)
  • the roles of fatty acids (particularly LA and ALA) in the promotion of good health and the reduction of cancer risk

Brian’s hypothesis briefly put is:
1. Before the boom in chemical farming, highly processed and cooked foods, most people received sufficient pristine, vibrant LA and ALA from their diet to meet most of the body’s needs. This is no longer so, and our health is almost certainly suffering. It is important to restore good levels of ‘triply essential’ LA and ALA into our daily diet as soon as possible.
2. Key to a healthy body are healthily functioning cells (of which there are ~37 trillion in the body) containing healthily functioning mitochondria (specialist energy-producing units of which there are sometimes thousands in a single cell).
3. Key to healthily functioning cells and mitochondria is a good level of oxygen within every cell and mitochondrion.
4. Key to a good level of oxygen within every cell and mitochondrion are (i) a well oxygenated bloodstream and (ii) a ‘fluid’ cell membrane.
(Cell membrane ‘fluidity’ determines with what ease or difficulty nutrients (including oxygen) diffuse between the interior of the cell and the bloodstream.)
5. Key to healthy cell membrane ‘fluidity’ is the presence of healthy levels of pristine, vibrant LA and ALA in a LA:ALA 2:1 ratio. Healthy cell and mitochondrial membranes comprise 40% of LA and ALA.
6. A key function of the mitochondrial membrane is to ensure that every mitochondrion gets as much oxygen as it wants (mitochondrial oxygenation). It does this by facilitating the diffusion of oxygen from the overall interior of the cell into the interior of the mitochondrion. It is needed here to fuel the mitochondrion’s production of the energy (largely adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in a healthy cell) needed to power the cell’s many functions.
Like cell membranes, mitochondrial membranes are also 40% LA and ALA.
7. Taking a daily dietary supplement of 2,900 milligrams of a pristine, vibrant linoleic acid (LA)/ pristine, vibrant alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) mix with an LA/ALA ~2:1 ratio should help oxygenate the body’s cells and mitochondria.
8. The body seeks out pristine, vibrant LA and ALA.

  • ‘Triply essential’ LA and ALA are the body’s fats of choice for the maintenance of the membranes of the body’s ~37 trillion cells. If, and only if, the body cannot find sufficient pristine, vibrant LA and ALA will it use other, less effective fats …
    • firstly, damaged, less pristine, vibrant LA and ALA
    • secondly, ‘derivative’ fatty acids made (‘derived’) by the body from LA and ALA (read the article ‘Derivative fatty acids‘)
    • thirdly, the toxic synthetic trans fatty acids (trans fats) and hydrogenised fats

… to make the cell and mitochondrial membranes. These inferior fats will also oxygenate the cells and mitochondria, but less efficiently than pristine, vibrant (triply essential) LA and ALA

The good news

The good news is that …
as we diligently return our body to an abundance of pristine, vibrant LA and ALA (by consuming (e.g.) lots of raw nuts, seeds, oils or, perhaps, a dietary supplement containing pristine, vibrant, organically-grown, cold-pressed ‘raw’ oils of these nuts and seeds)
… the body …

  • returns to its two beloved, more-effective pristine, vibrant LA and ALA for membrane maintenance
  • stops using the less-effective fats – damaged EFAs, ‘derivative’ fatty acids, trans fatty acids and hydrogenised fats

… and the cell and mitochondrial membranes are restored to optimal function with the most oxygenating materials.
Brian’s web page address is:

(17625)  Nick Anderson. Green Health Watch 53 27.7.2019

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