Brian Peskin’s career in applied academics

Brian Peskin’s career in applied academics:

  • began at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, US), where he studied mathematics, electrical engineering and physics along with probability and statistics, and was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (BSc EE)) in 1979, and
  • ended with a year as Adjunct Professor in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Texas Southern University (TSU – 1998-1999). Associate Dean of the college Dr. Doris Jackson commented, “We are honoured to have a scientist of Professor Peskin’s standing as a member of the faculty”

Between MIT and TSU Brian (e.g.) …

  • invested tens of thousands of hours studying ~3,500 medical text books and scientific research studies in the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library to establish what the best scientists had discovered about diabetes (his wife Debra had been diagnosed with diabetes in 1990 despite always taking good care of herself and doing everything ‘right’ – eating low fat foods and exercising frequently)
  • founded (1995) the field of Life-Systems Engineering Science (which he defines as ‘maximizing desired results by working cooperatively with the natural processes of living systems’. (1,2) Dr. James Douglas, former President of Texas Southern University (TSU), later commented (1998) “(Brian Peskin’s) nutritional discoveries and practical applications through Life Systems Engineering (science) are unprecedented.”
  • started his own company Maximum Efficiency Products (in 1996), where he (i) published his nutritional scientific findings to date (Radiant Health: Moving Beyond the Zone – now out of print), which sold 125,000 copies 1996-2002) and (ii) sold three of the nutritional supplements he had developed: Basic Essence, Mineral Essence and Herbal Essence

He has also studied biochemistry and physiology. Brian’s study in a wide range of very exacting sciences that allow no guesses, assumptions or errors make him a master medical analyst able to spot both …

  • links between research studies from different fields and
  • faults in research study premises, procedure and conclusions

… that others may miss.
It is important to note that Brian goes out of his way to remind people that his ‘teachings’ are the collation, analysis and extrapolation of others’ ideas, hypotheses and work, not his own discoveries.

The Texas Department of Health and the Texas Attorney General’s Office

In 2002 the Texas Department of Health (TDH) referred Brian and Maximum Efficiency Products to the Texas Attorney General’s Office (which is charged with the formal enforcement of TDH regulations). Brian pleaded guilty to all of the charges (various documentation, labelling, advertising, licensing infringements) except two – that they had:

  • made unsubstantiated claims about the powers of Herbal Essence
  • falsely represented Brian’s relevant past, credentials and qualifications

Brian was found guilty as charged notwithstanding and ordered to (i) pay £100,000 for fines and costs to the State of Texas, (ii) refrain from (a) making unsubstantiated claims about the powers of Herbal Essence, (b) falsely presenting past, credentials and qualifications, and (c) distributing, selling, shipping, mailing or delivering any of (Radiant Health’s) food products to any person, entity or business, etc.

The Hidden Story of Cancer

No longer able to trade in dietary supplements Brian returned to the research he had begun in the field of diabetes. He wanted to:

  • widen his research to include what the best scientists had discovered about the development and spread of cancer
  • raise awareness particularly of Dr. Otto Warburg’s work (1883-1970) , and
  • write up his own study of the role of LA and ALA in cell oxygenation (in a volume eventually named The Hidden Story of Cancer )

Brian now works as a nutritional therapist, a lecturer and a media consultant on nutrition and fatty acids, and continues his research into the powers of the two singly, doubly or triply essential fatty acids. Brian’s three e-publications …

  • PEO Solution: conquering cancer, diabetes and heart disease with parent essential oils
  • The 24-Hour Diet: the no-denial strategy of fabulous food to make you lean-for-life
  • The Hidden Story of Cancer

… may be bought as e-books from Pinnacle Press – https://store.pinnacle
These are also available (expensively) as paper books from Amazon.
Brian’s website’s web address is:

(17697)  Nick Anderson. Green Health Watch 53 27.7.2019

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