Essential fatty acids – contra-indications

Fatty acids are natural anti-coagulants. People who are haemophiliac, undergoing surgery or taking anti-coagulant drugs (including aspirin, heparin and warfarin), should have their coagulation status monitored when actively building up their fatty acid levels.

People with reduced immune systems should not consume fish oils or seeds/seed oils abundant in omega-3, like flax seeds and flax seed oil.
Pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with breast or prostate cancer should avoid supplements containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids alone or omega-6 fatty acids alone.

A supplement containing pristine, vibrant linoleic acid (LA)/ pristine, vibrant alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) mix with an LA:ALA ~2:1 ratio is what is needed. Pregnant women taking high levels of fatty acid supplements should have their blood coagulation status monitored during their pregnancy.

Fatty acid supplements containing ‘derivative’ fatty acids (read ‘Derivative fatty acids‘) or damaged fatty acids sometimes interact adversely with herbs (like garlic and gingko biloba, chamomile, white willow, dong quai, feverfew, ginger, garlic, devils claw, boldo, fenugreek, PC-SPES (a combination of herbs designed for the treatment of prostate cancer), and olicosanol (an extract of sugar cane), papaya extract and red reishi/lingzhi (a Chinese mushroom)).

(17622)  Nick Anderson. Green Health Watch 53 27.7.2019

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